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The following documents are from the City of Los Angeles Planning Department.  For more information on the consequences of these proposed laws for you, your home, and your neighborhood, click here

Note that these Ordinances are cumulative.  That is, they each place their own restrictions on your property and are in addition to restrictions in other ordinances affecting your property that you also may not be aware of, such as, for example, the Baseline Hillside Ordinance that was just enacted in 2017

I. Draft Wildlife Ordinance – 2022 Version (now also includes Ridgeline Ordinance)

II. Existing Ordinances That Probably Already Affect Your Property

  • Baseline Hillside Ordinance – Download All Docs
    • Text of the Baseline Hillside Ordinance
  • Other ordinances will be added in future website updates

III. Archives – previous versions of the Wildlife and Ridgeline Ordinances

  1. Proposed Ordinances
    • Proposed Ridgeline OrdinanceDownload All Docs
      • Proposed Ridgeline Protection Ordinance
      • Proposed Ridgelines Zone Change Ordinance
      • Map of Zone Change Pilot area – zoom in to see streets and parcels
      • List of Zone Change Parcels – [pdf] CAUTION – this is a very large file and the addresses are not in order.  It is easier to find your address using our list here
    • Presentations and Hearings
      • June 17, 2021 – Ridgelines Public Hearing Presentation Recording (English Link / Spanish Link)
      • November 20, 2020 – “Community Workshop Presentation” (English link / Spanish Link)
    • “Fact Sheets” (Please keep in mind that these were written by the City, so they may not actually give you an accurate picture of what these ordinances will do)
      • Ridgeline Protection Ordinance Fact Sheet
      • Zone Change Fact Sheet
  2. Proposed Wildlife Ordinance Download All Docs 
    • Planning Department Website for the “Wildlife Pilot Study” – Link
    • Draft Wildlife Ordinance [pdf -Draft_Wildlife_Ordinance_Public Release 05_04_21]
    • Map of Area subject to Wildlife Ordinance Regulations – [pdf – page 20 of Draft Wildlife Ordinance]
    • Wildlife Ordinance Resources Map (no structures at all allowed within 50 feet of these designated “resources”) – [pdf – page 21 of Draft Wildlife Ordinance]
    • Wildlife Pilot Study Informational Video – LA City Planning: