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Latest news for week of July 4


1. As of 7/2/21 – Handed out 532 letters

2. As of 6/30/21 – Received a 4-week extension to make PUBLIC COMMENT until AUGUST 2nd (I do believe your efforts made this happen)!

3. 6/30/21 – Attended BABCNC Meeting.  Your participation not only caught them off guard, it made them wake up. THANK YOU!!!! 

4. 7/1/21 – Motivated the Beverly Hills Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors to hold an emergency meeting and successfully issue a letter of objection to the Ordinance (on behalf of 12,000 Realtors).

5. 7/1/21 – Had a call with Shawn Baylis, Executive Director of Bel Air Association.  As of yesterday, there is mention of the ordinance on their website, but you have to scroll a bit.  It doesn’t seem to call attention to the severity of this ordinance.  Have any BAA members received an alert??

6. 7/1/21 – Call with Ben Reznik, Land Use attorney at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell.  He is encouraging us to keep doing what we are doing and get press. He is happy to be of service, should we want to engage him.

7. 7/3/21 – An expeditor has agreed to do a case study to present what RP1 and RP2 would do to our homes.  How it would change the cost, permit process, construction, landscape, etc.

8. 7/3/21 – Created a list of bullet points to send to the city.  Richard is working on a template letter to share with everyone as well.

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  1. As a real estate broker I can tell you that our property values are already being affected, as this has to be disclosed to buyers. We need to fight this.

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