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About Us

We are you.

When we received a mailer from the City of Los Angeles a few months ago, announcing a “Ridgeline Protection Ordinance” which would “protect pristine ridgelines” and “prevent overbuilding”, we thought “good, this will preserve the wild areas of the local mountains”.  Then some of us read the ordinance and learned that the city was not being straight with us – the Ridgeline Ordinance was more about “outlawing” all existing ridgeline homes than it was about protecting pristine ridgelines.  Small homes, large homes, newly built homes and homes that were older than we are, newly purchased homes and homes that have housed us for generations – our homes on the ridgelines would all be regulated out of existence.  And the Ridgeline Ordinance is a “pilot study” – an experiment with people’s lives –  and the people who own those homes, their neighbors and neighborhoods, would pay the price.

So we spread the word about what we had learned, and others joined us.  We knocked on doors, we spoke to our neighbors, we left letters in mailboxes from the 405 to Laurel Canyon, and we attended neighborhood council meetings.  Along the way we learned about the proposed Wildlife Protection Ordinance, and how that too is about a lot more than what the City would have us believe.  You have probably never heard of the Wildlife Ordinance until recently, if at all, but it will place significant restrictions on every home and neighborhood from Sunset to Valley Vista, from the 405 to the 101.

And now we have a website to share what we’ve learned with you, and we invite you to add your voice to ours.

We support protecting wildlife and pristine ridgelines, but we oppose the Ridgeline and Wildlife Ordinances as currently written, and the City’s attempts to sneak these ordinances past its citizens.

We are you.  Join us

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