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Hillside Neighborhoods United (HNU)

Under the claim of protecting wildlife and pristine ridgelines, the City of L.A. is on the verge of enacting a draconian new law targeting Hillside Homeowners in long established neighborhoods. However, as currently drafted, this new law would:

Severely restrict what you can do with your own home and yard

Take away property rights

Decimate your property values

Not protect wildlife or pristine land

The 2022 Revised Wildlife Ordinance

(combined Wildlife and Ridgeline Ordinance)

The Ridgeline Ordinance

A new version of the Ridgeline Ordinance is now part of the 2022 Revised Wildlife Ordinance

We support protecting pristine lands and wildlife, but HNU strongly opposes the Wildlife Ordinance as currently written.

Stand with us to protect your home and neighborhood